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History of Poodle Pedigree

Poodle Pedigree was the dream of Karen Mills, an Ohio Golden Retriever person, turned Poodle lover, who was shocked when she was unable to find an online pedigree research tool for Poodle enthusiasts. For years, Karen had been doing pedigree research for Golden Retrievers. Her desire to research her own Poodle's ancestry, led her to contact Eva Marie Mitchell. Eva offered to loan her the data in her own personal database, to create an online resource for Poodle pedigree research. Through the years, the database has expanded to over 200,000 pedigrees in all 3 varieties and from every corner of the globe.

Sadly in January 2020, Karen passed away leaving a huge hole in the heart of the Poodle world, and leaving the Poodle Pedigree database without a steward. The Poodle Club of America (PCA) realized the importance of this database, and its value as a research tool, and stepped in to acquire the database from the Mills family. PCA, and Poodle lovers everywhere, will forever be grateful to Karen Mills, and her family, for all of the years of hardwork in data entry, and its never ending research. Karen has left the Poodle world a legacy of that hardwork.

For 2 years the database remained predominantly the same. Due to ever changing technology and computer languages, it was apparent that the database was going to need a techno update to continue to function. Unfortunately, before we could even get started, the virtual host site was attacked by ransomware, and the entire database and all backups were lost. With the work of a private party that had acquired raw data from the database after Karen's passing, and with the major program design work of a local web development company, Flying Orange, the legacy database was reconstructed, and saved!

With the help of the Poodle world, any missing data will be reconstructed in Phase 1 of the recovery process, and by Phase 3, the database will be fully functional, modernized, and mobile friendly. With the PCA as the new steward for Poodle Pedigree, the database will continue to be available to the Poodle world for years to come